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All that is written in these pages is a
My thoughts are my own, and I am responsible for all of this character,
I am Mezouar Mohammed Said the source of these ideas and character.

People perceiving what they hear

People perceiving what they hear

Welcome to our city, it's not a whole city, with buildings of knowledge, its people, scientists, and their time is divided between reading and debate, and other attributes of the human-seeking behind the science, laughter can not hear, but see, the ears too, and IQ is not infinite, furniture this the city and the heirs of the equipment, old, but its citizens seem signs of Majesty, Wake up early to making collaboration easier new, and sleep late because they do not leave one day pass only and come new, and one day, and while they are living in peace, he entered the ignorant of this city, so he is proud of his ignorance, claimed the shouting and screaming, saying: "I do not know, and I do not want to know, and I hate those who know. " And remained so for days, walking in the streets, repeating the same saga, so tired, and worn down by disease, his disease went into hospitals to physicians shows that city. If surprised by the doctor who met.

Doctor: hello you, man.
Ignorant: I want the drug.
Doctor: What?
Ignorant: You are sick, and my pain I am.
Doctor: I understand "you" and I did not understand the "I".
Ignorant: I mean I do not know, and I do not want to know, and I hate those who know.
Doctor with a smile conceals insight: So! I have your medicine I was scene.
Ignorant: this course.
Doctor: Lack of knowledge of disease, ignorance and awareness of forms and is not a problem, and hatred of those who know the justification for the desire and inability to grasp the knowledge.
Ignorant burst into tears, and embraced the doctor saying: You do not ignorant as long as you realize that you are ignorant.

Mr. Mezouar Mohammed Said.

Mezouar asks the beg question





Mezouar asks the beg question




‘When I see myself, I see everything, in the same time, I see nothing, It’s a beg question.

Where is my conscience?

This self is treasure, opponent or what?

It’s bad finish to bad person and a fantastic start to the perfect person’s mind’[1].



[1] https://www.facebook.com/mezouarms

Mezouar’s way



Mezouar’s way



We born free, we take a new way forever, we take it without thinking. Just see, hear and work but what’s a goal for all this?

When we have think for life, we can stay remarked the under way by the close eyes, we know it by mind, it’s beg castle without doors.

Life is the reality, history and future. The humanity is a grand part from it. We can dream, speak with any body, but we can’t touch the beautiful ideas.

In my life, every minute is very important because it’s my possessions, my direction in this way.    


The school in Mezouar’s mind




The school in Mezouar’s mind


The school is the source of science

The school is a way of guidance

It is like a star light at a dark night

If the school stops working

Life doesn’t have any meaning

Thus life without school

Is like a bulk without heart

Language of war







Language of war



The assessment corrective to the values ​​seem at first glance the title of pride, attracting both the philosophy of the parties, and it gives different views about the one that produces a variety of forms, which take many photos one day, it is human beings, different from the agreement, and other developments that give rise to perceptions of variety, in order to enter the year, and cover-up shadow, otherwise it seemed strangely out of place must be overridden, it world’s Powders, which outlines the failure powders ignorance of the difference, it is mysteries of the world, if any, rights, and I found the clashes, and this is what it calls for a question : What about the language of war?


Mezouarism of Truth



Mezouarism of Truth

Hear the voices of arms around us, but different from human voice. Even in the heart of the battle and between fires, we can hear a few words, because it reflects the honesty or truth.


Written by:

Mezouar Mohammed Said

Mezouar asks: ‘’ Who is my friend?’’



Mezouar asks: ‘’ Who is my friend?’’


The person who smiles when I smile

The person who cries when I cry

I don’t know who it is, who it is

Who can be?

Who gives advice when I need

Who gives me money when I want

Who assists me when I am unjust

I don’t know who it is, who it is

Or can be?

My mother who me gave chance in life

My mother who gives me love

I don’t know who it is, who it is

Who can be?

My Girlfriend who tells me the nice words

My Girlfriend who makes me love the world

I don’t know who it is, who it is

Who can be?

The book which gives me information

The book which helps me to find the solution

I don’t know who it is, who it is

Who can be?


You want to know, so am I

But the problem is not here.

The problem is who will tell us who it is










Peace is something very good

Which makes us very glad?

Sometimes it means gold

Which we need without being scared


We need this life without harm and tears

We need emotions without battles

We have peace but without keys

It's found in our skies like a sun


God has given us peace to feel easy

But if it disappears no one lives freely


The cruel people have to taste this feeling

Living on earth without weapons using.




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