People perceiving what they hear

People perceiving what they hear

Welcome to our city, it's not a whole city, with buildings of knowledge, its people, scientists, and their time is divided between reading and debate, and other attributes of the human-seeking behind the science, laughter can not hear, but see, the ears too, and IQ is not infinite, furniture this the city and the heirs of the equipment, old, but its citizens seem signs of Majesty, Wake up early to making collaboration easier new, and sleep late because they do not leave one day pass only and come new, and one day, and while they are living in peace, he entered the ignorant of this city, so he is proud of his ignorance, claimed the shouting and screaming, saying: "I do not know, and I do not want to know, and I hate those who know. " And remained so for days, walking in the streets, repeating the same saga, so tired, and worn down by disease, his disease went into hospitals to physicians shows that city. If surprised by the doctor who met.

Doctor: hello you, man.
Ignorant: I want the drug.
Doctor: What?
Ignorant: You are sick, and my pain I am.
Doctor: I understand "you" and I did not understand the "I".
Ignorant: I mean I do not know, and I do not want to know, and I hate those who know.
Doctor with a smile conceals insight: So! I have your medicine I was scene.
Ignorant: this course.
Doctor: Lack of knowledge of disease, ignorance and awareness of forms and is not a problem, and hatred of those who know the justification for the desire and inability to grasp the knowledge.
Ignorant burst into tears, and embraced the doctor saying: You do not ignorant as long as you realize that you are ignorant.

Mr. Mezouar Mohammed Said.

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